Thank you for joining us last night, and for helping UNICEF put children first.

With your support, we raised over $878,000 to help the world's most vulnerable children. This investment in children will pay dividends immediately and in the years to come. As Mark Haidar said last night, "I stand before you tonight as a living, breathing example of the fact that, with UNICEF, the smallest gift that may seem insignificant to you can be the key to unlocking the innate drive and dreams of a child, leading to a lifetime of success."

We were honored to present Dikembe and Rose Mutombo with the 2018 Global Humanitarian Award, and Michele and Pat Boushka with the 2018 Global Philanthropist Award, for their deep, long-term commitment to the world's children and to building a better future for all.

We hope that the evening inspired you, as it did us, to Imagine a world fit for children.